Position Reports


Latitude Longitude Date / Time (UTC) Depth (m) Speed (kts) Course (°T) Comment
29° 13.98' N 81° 1.35' W 27 Mar 2024 22:52 None None None Daytona. No wind but saw more manatees than we have ever seen. Dozens in haul over canal. Rosetta spoonbills too. Of course, dozens of dolphins. It was a Sea World day😎❤️
28° 37.78' N 80° 48.35' W 26 Mar 2024 21:19 None None None Left Vero today! Anchored near Titusville. Great SE winds got us here quickly because it is a long run! Addison railroad bridge to cape Canaveral is complete! On our way to Daytona tomorrow. Closer to the ‘Barn’:)😎
27° 6.92' N 80° 8.55' W 12 Mar 2024 13:02 None None None Peck Lake. Meeting up with Wandering Toes, some of our favorite cruising buddy’s. Got through the sevenbridges without too many problems:). Wind on nose but very favorable tide! Love Peck lake! Finally leave the hubbub of south Florida’s condos and opulent mansions. Very long-and beautiful beach with tons of sand, shells, turtle eggs, birds, occasionally an armadillo and very few people. (A protected park in Florida in the Hobe Sound). We will stay a few days before heading north to Vero😎
26° 50.28' N 80° 3.24' W 09 Mar 2024 18:08 None None None Back in the USA! Easy crossing. Seas flat as a pancake. However, NO wind! We did get a great push from the gulf stream. We had 76 miles to travel from North Bimini. We left at 6am and arrived at 5pm. Not bad for a little sailboat. We passed thru the Miami ‘Tanker run’ and wove in and out of at least 1/2 dozen(some seemed a mile long!). It’s a bit of a culture shock here! So many buildings, people, and boats! Miss the beautiful water. However , we did hit the Dunkin and Publix this AM. Hope to meet up with a good sailing buddy tomorrowr😎❤️😎
25° 45.3' N 79° 14.41' W 07 Mar 2024 11:44 None None None We are anchored in North Bimini waiting until tomorrow or Saturday to cross the Gulf Stream. We would have loved to go into the Blue Water marina but it would be an extra 10 miles and this is a better place to jump from. It was a process of decisions to leave, with approaching bad weather forecasts, but it all worked out. We left Pipe Creek, Exuma’s, and after 34 hours of sailing/motor sailing we dropped our hook here. It really was a great trip (despite the anxiety from the forecasts:). we had wind, waves AND current in our favor! Do NOT stop if that happens😀. We did not get any of the squalls(all around us) but had 10 minutes of rain, sun, a fiery sunset and sunrise as well as a moonrise! I had prepared enough easy meals before departing that kept us happily fueled (when we could eat:) Not sure we would have done this a few years ago but we have become very ‘salty’ people (sailors maybe?😊). After an excellent arrival ‘bevy’,a good snack, and a game of Rummy to unwind, (I won;) we then collapsed and slept soundly. Today we organize the boat, refuel, check all systems and prepare for the Gulf Stream. All is well on Meriwether!😎


Vessel Particulars

Name: Meriwether

Length: 10.0

Draft: 1.5