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Latitude Longitude Date / Time (UTC) Depth (m) Speed (kts) Course (°T) Comment
43° 51.78' N 68° 52.9' W 07 Sep 2020 00:17 None None None Matinicus. Maine’s most remote year-round inhabited island - which feels like a metropolis after Criehaven! Busy working harbor, lobster boats steaming about at full throttle, with 8 rental moorings (!!). Honor system - put your $30/night in plastic bottle tied to pick-up stick. Walked the length of the island from half-moon Sandy Beach to the airstrip plus a couple of side trails. Great road and trail system, less intimate than Criehaven but more walkable.
43° 50.05' N 68° 53.46' W 06 Sep 2020 15:43 None None None Criehaven. Maine’s most remote inhabited island, feels light years away from anywhere. Picturesque as can be. First time here. Tiny harbor with an unmarked ledge to port as you enter, full of lobster boat moorings, no room to anchor. We got lucky and were directed to one of two guest moorings when we arrived, with orange flag and pick-up stick. The other is a yellowish ball, neither marked ‘guest’ or anything else. Small summer community of 10 or so households, 10 fishermen, lots of solar power and outhouses. One community well for drinking water. We were told that 90+ percent of the island is owned by one family and can’t be developed. Walked (or scrambled - not a lot of trails) all over the island and to cemetery where Mr. Crie, Criehaven’s founder, is buried. A real treat to be here.
44° 5.35' N 68° 53.04' W 05 Sep 2020 22:06 None None None Long Cove. Love this place! Sheltered narrow cove, birds, pine trees and granite shores, very few houses. There used to be a CCA mooring here but it’s gone! Picked up a private mooring - fingers crossed we get to stay. If not, the anchorage at the cove entrance looks pretty perfect too.
44° 4.52' N 68° 52.96' W 05 Sep 2020 12:03 None None None Fiddlehead and Barton islands, Vinalhaven. Pretty anchorage, somewhat exposed to SW. Recommended by friends on Chewink for easy access to Basin. Dinghied into Basin, which is beautiful, shallow, and full of rocks! Super narrow, tricky entrance, and the current rips. Tied up along rocky shore past private house on the point to hike Basin Trail (another Chewink tip!) - turned around when Jack stubbed his toe )-:
44° 15.2' N 68° 55.6' W 04 Sep 2020 22:07 None None None Gilkey Harbor, Islesboro. Huge harbor, attractive houses along the shore. We’re anchored outside Ames Cove which is full of moorings, near the Tarratine YC. Very few anchored boats, tons of room. Quiet evening and night. Walked to Dark Harbor store and Pendleton Yacht Yard in the morning - past a few houses we wouldn’t mind living in!

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Vessel Particulars

Name: KITE

Length: 12.8

Draft: 1.83