Position Reports


Latitude Longitude Date / Time (UTC) Depth (m) Speed (kts) Course (°T) Comment
33° 50.809' N 118° 23.81' W 07 Jun 2016 00:42 None None None Well after 5 years 1 month and 21 days; 32 counties; and 36,150 nautical miles we are back home in Redondo Beach. Very excited to see our family and friends, and at the same time a bit bummed that this amazing adventure is over. Ironically we can't stay in Redondo as there are no slips available even though we have been on the waiting list since we left. So we will only be here a night or two before we move Hokule'a south to San Pedro. Only one more keelscape update to come for quite a while.
33° 27.043' N 118° 30.128' W 06 Jun 2016 00:27 None None None It's been a great week of visiting with friends and relaxing at Catalina. Most of our friends left today, including Jeff and Gail on Seawitch who have been sailing with us since La Paz. We are going to hang out one more day head to Redondo tomorrow.
33° 27.043' N 118° 30.128' W 31 May 2016 02:52 19.0 None None Holy cow! We are back in Catalina. Left here on April 18, 2011 headed for Mexico and now we are back. I think we are going to have to hang out here for awhile to get readjusted.
32° 42.56' N 117° 14.098' W 25 May 2016 02:38 None None None Just cleared into the US and parked Hokule'a at the Harbor Police Guest Dock. Looking forward to visiting friends here in San Diego.
32° 31.804' N 117° 11.976' W 24 May 2016 20:05 None None None Left Ensenada this morning at 0530 and just crossed in to US waters for the first time in 5 years.


Vessel Particulars

Name: Hokulea

Length: 14.0

Draft: 2.0